Monday, May 18, 2015

Sophie's Blessing Day

Flash back to 4 months ago.... 

Wake up early Sunday morning, exhausted and groggy from being up all night feeding Sophie. Started my morning routine of pumping, dressing Sam, making breakfast, cleaning up a major blow out (thankfully not on Sophie's white dress) all while frantically looking for a dress that fit my post partum body. Bleh. Eventually making our way out the door just in time to make it to church for Sophie's blessing... 
Even though the morning was chaotic, as soon as we sat down in the pew, I looked at my little girl dressed in white, and the rest of my family sitting next to me, and a sense of peace came over me. This was a very special day.
 I held Sam on my lap while we listened to the beautiful words of Wayne's blessing. I felt so grateful to have a husband who could do this for our daughter. Afterwards, I was told by my father, that Sophie never took her eyes off of Wayne the entire time. Those are the moments your heart melts.... 
Sadly, I didn't get a close up of Sophie in her dress, but it was beautiful. My sister had held on to this dress for over 10 years, thinking she possibly would use it for her little girl some day, but now that she is pregnant with her fourth boy, she felt it was okay to pass it over to me. Thanks Emily:) 
 It was a perfect day, and I am so thankful I was able to share it with my family and those that I love so much.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sam turns 4

Trying to keep up with this blog is almost as hopeless as me taking naps during the day. It happens FAR and in between. I don't really get where my days go. When someone asks, "what do you do all day?" I instantly think, "I have all sorts of answers", but then it's as if my mind goes to complete mush and I can't recall a single event. "Well... I..... ah.... cleaned up a ton of messes.... I changed a whole lot of diapers.... two blow outs.... breastfed, made breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between, Um... I played hide and seek with my four year old.... I folded week old laundry... bathed my children... walked the dog... I... I... I did a lot!" I just can't think of it all! I almost get defensive. I just really hate that question. But I have indeed been busy and it's wonderful. I'm in full mother of two mode. It took a bit to adjust, but I'm there, and loving it. But lets rewind to a few months ago....

Samuel turned four on December 20th, which still blows my mind that he can be that old. Our day was jammed packed with preparing for his birthday party, picking up last minute supplies, and running a last minute errand to Riverside Art Market.  I brought Sam along with me. It being his birthday and all, I had to spoil him with a face painting of whatever he wanted, a hot dog, chips, and cookies. I knew I was going to regret the junk food later, but hey, you only turn 4 once. We rushed home to finish up getting ready for the party...

Although I had almost everything prepared, Sophie was screaming hysterically throughout the day, (which had started the day prior) We figured it was horrible gas pains, because she never cried. I was tempted to cancel the entire thing. Dealing with a inconsolable 2 week old, while entertaining guest was not exactly what I had in mind. However, my amazing mother in law, told us to have the birthday party, and she would keep Sophie upstairs so she wouldn't disrupt everyone. Sophie stayed asleep and calm for the majority of the evening, but 30 minutes after our friends left, we rushed her to the ER. (Post for later)

                                             Ugly sweater birthday party? Nothing better.

Samuel's sweater came from one of my students 
in China. Can you figure out what is on it? 
Neither can we.

Not thrilled that his donut was his cake replacement

What's a Christmas/ ugly sweater party without a
power ranger pinata? 

The best part of the night was the "special guest". Our incredible friend P.C dressed up as Santa, and surprised all the kids. They were going crazy! Each one got to sit on his lap, and received a little present out of his red bag. We can only get away with these Christmas theme parties for so long...

I remember when I was a little girl, I imagined what my life would be like as a mother. I would try to picture my husband and children. Never could I have imagined a boy like Samuel. He is truly the perfect mix of sweet and funny. He is never without a smile on his face. His imagination is unbelievably creative. The stories, and games he makes up are full of life. He adores his father, and going on "dude dates" with him, Sophie has brought so much joy into his life, and every day he loves to kiss, and hug her. I admire how fascinated he is with life, and is constantly wanting to learn new things. Samuel has blessed our lives more than we could ever have imagined. My little 4 year old, is no longer a toddler, but a boy. I feel sad to know those days are over with him, but I can't wait for the new adventures that being his mother will bring. Happy Birthday Sam!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meet Sophie Louise

 Sophie Louise made her grand appearance on December 4th at 3:32am, weighing 6 lbs 5oz, and 18 inches long. Labor couldn't have gone more smooth, and it was such a tender moment. I was able to share it with my husband, my dear friend Jill, the nurses, and my sweet Dr. Rebenack. This birth felt so different than the birth of Samuel. With Sam, I was exhausted to the point that I wasn't able to grasp the fact that I had just given birth, but with Sophie, I felt so many emotions. Maybe it was the realization that the hundreds of prayers I spent to have another child, was finally answered, or the fact that I was now a mother to a little girl, my little girl. Either way she was here, and she was absolutely perfect. I'm so overwhelmed with happiness, it's hard for me to express this journey in words, but I believe these pictures show exactly how I feel.