Friday, October 24, 2014

Pregnancy Update

I have been horrible at documenting this pregnancy, which my mom and others have pointed out to me. It's probably because I despise taking selfies. It's fine when others do it, but I'm not someone who loves standing in front of a mirror posing... by myself. But after a discussion with my mother about her regrets of not taking pictures of being pregnant, I thought, I'll put aside my annoyances of selfies and do this to make my future self happy.

This pregnancy has had its ups and downs. I started the first half of my pregnancy with placenta previa, which if you know anything about, restricts you from pretty much everything. No working out, no lifting, and absolutely no extra curricular activities that may take place with a spouse... if you get my gist.  But at 22 weeks, the Doctors were shocked that in a months time, the previa had moved completely up, and I was in the clear. Hallelujah! 

My entire 2nd trimester, I felt good. Normal aches and pains, but nausea gone, fatigue lightened up, and I felt as close to my normal self as one can get. Now being 33 weeks, my aches and pains have actually gotten better, but the fatigue, heartburn, and constant bathroom runs at night, have reappeared. However, I love being pregnant. I love filling this girl kick, hiccup and squirm, and constantly making me jump. I know this is a gift not every women gets to experience, and I intend to fully embrace every moment of it. (for the most part) I know as soon as this little girl makes her appearance, I will long for her presence inside of me again, so I will appreciate that 
lodged foot in my rib cage a little bit longer.

I just saw my Doctor this week, and the baby is measuring small. They don't know if that's due to some kind of restriction within, and she'll need to be delivered sooner than later, or if I just make small babies. (Sam was small) I think my husband's Vietnamese genes, may have a little something to do with it. I thank my 4'6, 80 pound mother in law for that:)  But in a couple of weeks we'll know more as to why this little girl is, well, so little... Honestly, I am not worried. I know that whatever the reason, it will all be okay. The baby and I are both in great hands. 

Sadly, here are the only two pictures I have taken... 

I guess there is this one... Thank you to my dear friend Sabrina
for capturing this special moment... I think my sister is making fun 
of how small my stomach was? Who knows.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Piece of Heaven

This summer ended in the best way possible, staying in a slice of paradise. Our friends, the Frailey's and us decided to drive a few hours west to the most remote island I have ever encountered. We had heard incredible things, but nothing that did it justice. St George Island, truly is a piece of heaven, and as you can see on the map, a VERY small strip of Heaven. 28 miles long, and 1 mile wide at its widest point. 

As we pulled up to the Frailey's home, they had decked out the car in Georgia Bulldogs gear. Wayne being the crazy Gator fan that he is, wouldn't ride in the car without making his own little alteration... 

Ethan and Sam were great little backseat drivers. 

We made it! 

Our cozy little cabin 
"Heron Now"

Our bay side view

Less than a block from our cabin was this gorgeous beach
with barely anyone on it.

A lot of our time was relaxing in our cabin. We played cards, puzzles, (not by me) cooked, ate (a lot), stayed up late hours of the night laughing, admired our view on the deck, and there may have been a couple of football games as well, that were a "requirement" for the trip. I had no complaints. The men however, were tempted to go to Walmart and buy a bigger TV, that's if there was a Walmart. Sorry men, I guess Piggly Wiggly needs to step up their game.

One of my favorite parts of our trip was when everyone was sleeping, Sam and I took a walk to the bay which was so calm and filled with oyster shells we could "skip" like rocks. We then headed on to the other side of the island, the gulf side, to take a long walk.  

We spent much of our time in the water, obviously.

We tried out the local ice cream shop, "Eddies" Delish

Apalachicola was the quaint town next to our island. We spent two of our days there, only because we fell in love with it. As you drive over the bridge, you are surrounded by little oyster fishing boats, small trinket shops, and food that you could eat for days... 

If you ever get the chance to go to Apalachicola, go to the Owl Cafe. One of the best restaurants I have ever been to. We contemplated eating every meal here. We probably would have if it had been on St George Island itself.

We were able to attend church, and can I just say, this was the most ADORABLE building we had ever seen. I'm sure the 15 members of the branch thought we were crazy for taking a picture of it. 

We headed on over to "Up the Creek Raw Bar" for a little lunch, which was rated highly for their oysters. I however, enjoyed the view more than the food.

Best travel partner ever. Love me some Jill

We ended our trip with one more stop to the beach just to say goodbye. It was very hard to leave. We have already talked about our next trip.

Best people around

St George Island, we'll be back.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Farewell Spokane

I need to quickly wrap up the end of my summer vacation to Washington. I have to say these last couple of months have been so insanely busy, that when I do have spare time to update my blog, my pregnant exhausted self is too lazy. So with that being said, I am FINALLY updating! My last couple of weeks in Spokane were low key. Our husbands had all returned home and our days seemed to consist of laying on picnic blankets, pushing kids on swings, running baths multiple times a day, barbecuing and making batches of raspberry jam/syrup. Taking daily pictures didn't make the cut, which I always regret, but I did capture a few glimpses of our final days.

                 Sam and Grandma making breakfast                  

The crew eating lunch

Grant and Sam enjoying their sink bath for the third time that day

Pioneer Day

Walking in the parade

A little "Yee Hah"

Celebrating my brother Zac's 33rd birthday

Eating lunch before getting on the boat

Kids all alone! Collin seems thrilled

Family pictures, which I wont be sharing until after Christmas cards
are sent out, but this is the only sneak peek, plus, it's already on facebook.

This year was a lot harder to leave then most years. I think it's because I never
know how long it will be until I see my sisters again, and I skip whole years of my nieces and nephews lives, but I am grateful for the time I did have to share with them, and can't wait for our next encounter!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Whidbey Island

After being in Spokane for a couple of weeks, we decided to drive out west to Whidbey Island to drop off my sister, and to see the beautiful home she and her husband just bought. Of course Whidbey is gorgeous. It's a small island about 2 hours west of Seattle. It is green, luscious, and obviously surrounded by the beautiful Pacific. Abby's home is a dream. It overlooks the San Juan Islands, and Canada. Their home is also surrounded by acres and acres of trees, and hundreds of edible berry bushes. I couldn't imagine a more ideal home for Abby.

 The second day we were there, we got a couple of babysitters to watch all of the kids, so the sisters could go out exploring. We enjoyed the day in Coupeville. A tiny town, with adorable shops, beautiful views, and delicious food. 

(Sorry Abby)

The kid's morning ritual consisted of going outside to collect slugs, and making little habitats using every mason jar, and cup that Abby had in the house. I especially loved to hear the clever names they came up with.


I couldn't get over the insane amount of berries that we picked, thimble berries, huckleberries, and blackberries to name a few. Walking through the bushes and trees with Abby brought me back to My childhood. When I was little,  Abby and I would pretend to be little orphan children living off the land. This is one of my most cherished memories of my childhood. 

We took a morning to go and see the tide pools. I have yet to find "real" tide pools in Jacksonville, so I was excited to see how Sam would react to all the ocean critters. I think the freezing water was a little aggravating for him. This was something he wasn't used to...

(Love the Red boots)

Evolution Roll?

My friend Melanie and her fiance live on Whidbey Island, which is ironic. So I was so excited they were able to come join us for dinner and a enjoy an evening bonfire. I think we altered any ideas of them having kids in the near future. 9 kids can do that.

Our trip was short lived, but lovely. My mom mentioned this is a once in a life time trip for us. I realized how right she was. It is so rare for a group of 4 sisters and their kids, who all live in different parts of the country, to go on a road trip together. NOT that it wasn't stressful! Having all those kids with no husbands to help wasn't easy, but it was one trip I will never forget. Thank you Abby for being such a great host, even though you were dealing with morning sickness the entire time! Love you!

(Coming into Spokane)